Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mosaic Poem

In english, Mrs. Duffy gave us a packet with four poems by William Blake and several lyrics by Jim Morrison. She told us to compose a "mosaic" poem out of only the words in our packet. There were guidlines such as, we couldn't include more than three words in a row as used in the original works. And it had to be at least 8 lines long. It was crazy to see how different everyone's poems turned out in the end. Here is how mine went:

No Clothing, No Safety

By: Emily Culp

A little stiff twist in your burning heart,
Carefully you pause.

No armor, no safety.
Softest pleasures,
Talk of sin.
Such a delicate girl, such tender hands.
You grasp them.

You look at her with eyes that lie

Voice selfish loves deceit…
Work a deadly hammer,
Feed her mystery.
Then in an instant…

Legs pumping furiously,

Shrill crying in your arms
No consent, no safety.
Intense agony in a woman’s face
As sweet wicked joys – misused – frame your own.

It is over.

Morning swims through brains that live

In bodies caught and dying.
No surprise, no safety
From thickest tears or memories
they go on playing.