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Hello Seattle I am an old sea horse. I mean home for Christmas!

Now i'm all baboon, boys. coochee coochee coo.

"Can we be in love again...?"

Uncle clark, are you santee clause?

An then you say, hokay. An then he say, hokay.


No wait...real vomit this time

Tuesday is coming, did you bring your coat?

Ah la la la la la la Life is...

My oh My

Because you can only change your facebook status so many times...


Put your hands on your hips

An optimistic look into my future

Choice #5

Excerpt from choice #4

Excerpt from choice #3

Choice #2

Entry of choice #1

Let's go to Walgreens.

"I think you could really be something..."

Mosaic Poem

do you feel?

I hate Dave Matthews

"Berger is right, the body never lies."

i am not depressed.

Reading makes me feel introverted and weird...

Not even kidding.

Homework? I'm...not familiar with the term...

Didn't ask for a dime...


I ate a whole lot today...

Heppy Burthday to me

i think i'm an alcoholic

The distant future. The distant future.

i want. my hand held!

i change my mind



'Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags'