Life is like....

Over the summer i ventured to a brand new store completely new and exciting! i wasn't sure though if i'd like it so i felt sad and missed my old stores for a while.

Once i got there though there was the coolest sweater ever! i eyed it for a while. never buying it though because i wasn't sure. i didn't have my friends to tell me if it would look good on me or not. i almost bought it once but...i was too scared.

So after a while they didn't carry it anymore. and i started looking at other sweaters.
this was pretty cool. kind of in a risky price range though. suddenly on an impulse buy i grabbed it and bought it! at first i was all "yeah cool! this new sweater rocks! oh well about that other one." then i got home and tried it on and i wasn't so sure anymore. it wasn't as flattering as i'd hoped. it didn't match anything i owned and i started wondering..."i wonder how that other sweater is doing? or any other sweater?"

Anyway i kept this impulse buy in my closet for a while. because it was sooo cute and i just felt good having it. i didn't want to return it because then someone else might get it and i just. felt responsible for having it since i was the one who bought it so fast.
but After a while i felt guilty for having spent so much money on a sweater that i couldn't really wear so i took it back.

That old sweater...they had it in stock again when i went back to the store. but i think the original was bought by someone else. so it wasn't the same.
The original sweater was being worn by someone else and it started posting confusing blogs about girls via metaphor and riddles.

so now i have no sweater and i don't even know if i'm cold anymore. really the store doesn't have anything to offer me at this point in time. sure there are tons of great sweaters all over the racks including this one that is hilaroius, but i don't know if i feel ready for a new one yet. i might have to wait until i go to that new store in utah. see if they have some good modest sweaters....

I never know with me though. I end up buying sweaters often so. Who knows what could happen. AH.

(i don't think i'm making fun of you btw. just. trying this out. if i wanted to mock you it'd be way more obvious. and hilarious. because i'm funny.)


The Rambler said…
ha. I think I got most of that... and I applaud you for trying.

and I think.. well, it's your senior year. Why not treat yourself to that new sweater. I think it would appreciate being bought just as much as you would like wearing it.. if you aren't cold, maybe not... but if you are, sounds like a good deal.

Senior year = nothing to lose.
Emily Rigby said…
yeah but what if that sweater warms up to me a whole lot and then i get really hot and decide i don't want to wear it anymore?!
that's the part i'm afraid of.
i always put my heart into it too much (wearing sweaters of course) and then everyone gets hurt and i suck.
The Rambler said…
I have the same problem. I don't like being smothered. well, should you decide to purchase said sweater, maybe you can make that a clear and present danger to the sweater. make sure it knows how to be worn for maximum comfort.
Emily Rigby said…
i hope...we're talking about the same thing here.

see you at the musical retreat man.
The Rambler said…
I'm pretty sure I know more than you might want me too. haha.
Emily Rigby said…
haha. uhhhh.
okay. i'm scared now.
you're crazy.
Natalie Jane said…
Dude. Women's lib. Burn your bra. Don't do it. And the word verification that your blog made me type in was "procho" like.. . pro choice. You have ultimate control to pro choice. haha. Isn't that for abortion? Too bad, I'm stealing it. Winter is almost over anyway... it won't even be sweater-weather for much longer. . .

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