i want. my hand held!

i wish i could be like one of those girls that gets whatever attention they want from whatever guy they want....without being a hussy and without having "serious" relationships.
does that even make sense?
i'm just too dependent.
i probably will get married my first year at byu.
i'm ridiculous.
i just. miss it. whatever happened to last year when i was totally FINE w/out boy?
seriously, i was happy and didn't like anyone and didn't feel the need to. for the most part. i was just. content.
now i'm back to. pathetic. i need dru back! she know how to make me not feel dumb.

it's 2 am.
i'm supposed to wake up for the retreat in like. six hours?
ha. i'm going to die.
2 days of dance class has pretty much killed me already. and i'm sure we're going to be dancing a ton this weekend.
my "dance teacher" at bothell said i need:

1) to drink lots of water
2) eat real food
3) and get plenty of rest

good thing i never sleep! i'm ridiculously sore. that class is way intense/awkwardCITY/a HUGE self esteem downer.

but anyway. i hope i don't pass out or something.
i just. don't want to go to bed. or pack. or wake up.
i'm freezing.


The Rambler said…
Don't worry. It'll be more focused on fun than dancing. Plus the dancing for fiddler shouldn't be so intense.
thetenacious said…
you'll have me in like a week babayyyy! (:

When you left me I turned into pathetic town USA. So, since Mrs. Bates taught us math so well, we can infer that Dru - Emily = death to all things happy.

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