'Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags'

sometimes i forget how much i love music until i listen to it with headphones.
seriously. it's so different. you hear things you never caught before. your brain is flooded with beautiful entrancing sounds. you melt..
i guess there's a similar experience when blasting a cd alone in a car at night. but. i'm not sure.
headphones can do wonders.
especially after i feel really weird.
i can feel as weird and tight throated and numb as i want to. just gimme some headphones and margot and i'll melt. it's OKAY.

i....want more books. i want to write books. i want to never go back to high school.

somebody save me.

yeah. i'd say i feel pretty weird right now.

and all because i accidentally pressed "view profile" on my myspace and heard Come Here Boy through my 30 Rock-via internet-watching headphones....

am i about to throw up?


The Rambler said…
um... it'll all be okay?
Natalie Jane said…
hey. i love you. read the wall. you'll like it. it might make you feel weird. . . but it'll also make you feel really awesome. its a combo. and it works.

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