2 days ago i spent my night drawing pictures and dying my hair and watching it's alwyas sunny in philadelphia with kiersten.
Yesterday i woke up really early....like 9am...and went to weight watchers with mom and got really jazzed about losing weight again! well kind of jazzed.
then i went to the frye art museum with kiersten and sarah and brianna but all the exhibits were closed so we only got to see this lame student art project where they played the xylaphone as cars drove by....??
Next we ate Thai food and i got chicken skewers and said "i just love meat..on stick.." because shishkabob rules. (so much for weight watchers...) and the lady asked me if coca-cola was the same thing as coke. teehee.
we also got gormet popcorn. kiersten and i split a bag of black raspberry with...white stuff on it. so good. (so much for weight watchers...)
Anyway i had to leave early to go to what took up the rest of my day.

Best of EFY.
it was. so good. 4-11pm. The first speaker was this 6ft tall lady that spent her first 20 minutes making jokes about said height. ha...ha...? one anecdote involved her impression of japanese children...uh...
good talk though. she was animated.
The next guy was amazing. he was this little red faced guy that talked about having your "spiritual plate" turned up. and he said that your behavior and worth aren't linked which was really nice to hear.
The third guy talked about scripture power. gave the best analogy. we're supposed to "feast" on the scriptures so what do you do before you "eat"? pray. then what do you do before you "swallow"? "chew".
he also brought up that scripture are the voice and will of the lord, and that the prophet's cousel are scripture. so when the prophet asks us not to do things...like steady date in high school....it's the lord asking us to do that...

and then i got a little upset.
because i did the right thing...
but i still feel guilty because he got hurt.
at the same time i feel hopeful that it'll work out for the better...
but i dunno. i don't seem to learn from my mistakes...huff.

Anyway there was a dance after. Bellevue's dj sucks. he tried to play "to the windowwwwwww to the wall...." and cyclone. and really bad songs. and when he wasn't playing inappropriate songs he played either swing or techno mixes of everything.
LAME. so lame. Bothell dj rocks.
i got kind of sad because i only got asked to dance like once. but. i guess i don't really know how to be myself anymore. right now anyway.
oh. plus. this guy TOTALLY jumped on my foot. so it hurts a lot now. ha. he didn't even notice.
i mean. come on. i'm a SENIOR. "i get no respeck"

so yesterday was..good..for the most part.

Today i ate my weight in spaghetti and then later, muffins. (so much for weight watchers...)
i really hope this thing doesn't haunt me for the rest of the year. i really hope it gets better soon. i just want to be like somebody else. i want to have different trials than the ones i have.
college...better be good.
ew my life is changing. ew weird. wasn't i like 14 yesterday? AHHHH. youth is fleeting.
somebody get me a clockstopper watch :)


The Rambler said…
I don't want you to feel like no one read this. so. I read this. more to come later.
Emily Rigby said…
thanks :)
that is how my brain works.

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