For me

I figured out a way to be less mopey. It's pretty simple, but the answer is stay busy.

The answer is not watch 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy by yourself all night then go to bed. 
The answer is not browse the internet/stalk people at work all day.
And it's not think/talk about how sad you are forever.

The answer is go to the Provo Library and get a library card. Check out some books and hang out in that upstairs area that's usually empty. 
Then read the books you checked out while you're at work instead of melting your brain with pics of ex-boyfriends and recently married people on the internet. 
The answer is maybe find a cool bike to buy since your old one got stolen and go out and buy it. 
Talk to your neighbor. 
Walk down the street to get a soda instead of driving through somewhere.
Do things. (knit?)
Stay busy.
Stop whining.
Stop worrying about what OTHER PEOPLE THINK. Or at least try really hard.
Be a good example.
Read your scriptures/listen to conference talks/pray.

There are still a lot of things to be sad about and to be anxious about, but I'm kind of just now realizing that they don't have to be my #1 focus. I feel pretty good right now and I hope when fall semester starts and I'm feeling bummed out again I can just remember this.

Not to mention my nephew is the cutest human in the world. 

And here he is with his Grandpa (my dad) being adorable.

So basically the answer to being happy or at least less mopey is stay busy, and nephew. Oh and also:

Think of how far you've come/think about cats


Caitlin said…
I really truly love you.
Natalie said…
So Abundance of Katherines is a hit, huh? You'll love all of John Green's books. He kept me company many days in college. And if you need more suggestions for good YA novels, just hit me up. I'm on a roll, baby. And then you can read mine in 2 years when it's done.

Love you!
Stay busy!
Haley Marie said…
love this, love you. let's please hang out when we move back to provo?? aka in less than two weeks.
Emily Rigby said…
Thanks Caitlin :) Love you too.
Nat-you are the queen of YA lit.

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