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My Job

It's 10pm and I feel like I haven't slept in days.
Teddy wakes up so early lately, and I'm the one that has to get up and feed him and entertain him.

I've been thinking lately about how motherhood is truly my full-time job now.
When I worked corporate there were things I didn't want to do, but I had to be there and pay my dues.

As Teddy's mom sometimes I really don't want to say "Alexa" 100 times in the morning so he can laugh when the machine lights up. Sometimes I don't want to keep building block towers for him to knock down. Sometimes I don't want to be in constant distract mode to keep him from screaming for attention. Sometimes I just want to watch TV or stare at my phone or just relax.

But I have to be here and put in some kind of effort if I want us to turn out okay.
This is my job.
I signed up for this!
I need to take care of this kid.

And don't get me wrong--he does a million things a day that are so adorable and make my hear…

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