Tuesday is coming, did you bring your coat?

Registration over!
Tentative schedule for next semester:
M,W = Physical Science, Book of Mormon
Fri = " "
T = Current Social Issues, Marriage and Family
Th = " ", Intro to food sciences
Plus Women's Chorus every day...

Only 12 credits baby. bare minimum. ha. oh well. Registering was such a rush though that...now i don't want to go to bed.
It might also have something to do with the fact that i binged on pringles, carmel popcorn, reece's and mt. dew in my anxiety...so gross. i want to purge. sup bulemia?

Anyway. Now I need to figure out what to write my 8 page issues paper on...
Something specific relating to religion in America. Anybody have any bright ideas? sigh. gay marriage is apparently too tough to write about for this one. maybe i should write about the pressure put on mormons to be perfect in relation to the depression rate in Utah...perhaps perhaps. ohhh college. you slay me.

I was reading a lot of my posts from last year and laughing at how all of them say "GET ME TO COLLEGE I"M SO DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL WAH". It's true though...college is so much better. ha. i was right! I might even follow my siblings' tradition and stay here for summer term...I do miss home...but it's so good here...we'll see.
The only thing about college that hasn't differed much from high school is how i deal with boys... I was so worried about getting engaged my freshman year...now i laugh at that idea. ha. oh goodness. i'm clueless.

In other news..i miss my guitar. a whole lot. i miss writing songs :/ Which is why i really want to take creative writing next sememster! General Eds kill me. Hopefully something will open up once classes actually start up...
In the meantime, here is a little poem i will now make up on the spot:
The mountain, in flames as the sun sets low,
Sparks a shrill ample cry in my very soul.
Then pinks and purples drip fresh from the brush
My heart becomes full, it swells with a rush.
Oh glorious sky, majestic and great
Words can only encumber your infinite weight.

ha. i don't even know if that last part makes sense. but the sunsets really are breathtaking here. beautiful provo :)


Austin said…
scheduling succkkssss I'm about to schedule here too.

oh man I do miss provo.
the sky is incredible out there
Emily Rigby said…
you can go to here! :) ha.

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