Now i'm all baboon, boys. coochee coochee coo.

It's that feeling you get
When someone you love ignores you
When you can't erase the past but it erases you
And you are an invisible you
Put me in the zoo

And time won't move it
The stagnant air engulfs you
The fleeting lines and what's behind them choke you
And you're too afraid to be you
Put me in the zoo

It's that feeling you get and continue to get
Until somebody opens your cage
And discovers the incredible edible new you
Put you in the zoo?
My dear my dear, the circus is the place for you.


The Rambler said…
Emily. I love you. but you need to be a happy person again.
Emily Rigby said…
:/ oh talon. i do want to be happy again.
i will try harder.
The Rambler said…
well hey, it's ok to feel how you do. but I like you better happy. Just.. relax. go sit in the grass for a bit. listen to some awesome music. indulge your self in the things you love.

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