-i wish...we wrote more in my english class. it's pretty much a joke. last year in AP i felt like i learned so much and grew. now i just sit. stagnant in a pool of lazy adolescense. i'm thinking hamlet was the most intellectual depth we've experienced so far.
i'm not saying she doesn't give us enough work. because i hate homework really. and she does make us read books and stuff. i just...don't feel like i'm learning very much.

-i've become very careless regarding the musical lately. yesterday gaby jones and i left early to go to taco bell because wilson sent us into a room to do nothing.
today, mike and i went to the talent show callbacks, and in the process of getting ready to go to practice afterwards, ended up getting into my car, and laying in the sun for a half an hour. we made it for about five minutes of rehearsal. just on time for mike to punch holden in the face. then the fire alarm went off and we went home.

is it bad that i feel such satisfaction from shirking in my responsibilites? i think it's mostly drama though. if i missed seminary all the time on purpose or didn't do my homework i wouldn't feel happy. i'd feel stressed. which i pretty much do already.

i've been having crazy dreams lately. i keep going back to kentucky. or bodies of water. i've had dreams on the coasts of beaches and rivers or lakes a lot lately. and of course there's my reoccurring public restroom nightmareish anxiety dream.
in the past few nights: my tongue got split in half, i conoodled with another fellow, i floated on a couch, i lost emily's coat....etc.
very intersting.
i need a joseph to interpret please.

i'm very sleepy. i slept 8 hours last night and took an hour nap today...but alas. i am sleepy. (i always feel like dumbledoor when i try to use the word alas. "alas...earwax". you know what i mean.)
maybe i'm depressed?
just. tired.



The Rambler said…
wait... which of those dreams was I in??

And even if you don't wanna be there... I like seeing you at rehearsal. :)
Emily Rigby said…
the canoodling one...?

well. i likes seeing you too! too bad sometimes it is pointless rehearsal. i'm glad sarah let us out early today :)
Natalie Jane said…
First of all, I will diagnose you with Senioritis. The inflamation of the shirking of responsibilities because you have either out grown High School or it has worn you out.
Secondly, I will help you with your dreams.
Water in dreams symbolizes your emotions and often times your spirituality. If you're often on the banks or edges of water...are you afraid to go in? Afraid to face your emotions? Or are you merely looking out on the water in a calm state? If're probably feeling a lot of things at once and don't know how to address them all. The end of high school is an emotional time, so that would make the most sense.

The tongue dream sounds like you are hesitant or nervous to verbally express something. Cat got your tongue?

Relationship dreams happen all the time since relationships are the main focus of human existence. Sometimes they appear if you're craving attention or a human connection. Sometimes a dream like that with a close friend it just may symbolize your affection and admiration toward them, not necessarily romantic...

Didn't you know I'm a professional dream interpreter? I have dream dictionaries and I LOVE interpreting peoples' dreams. It's the best. so there ya go.
Hi my name is Jessica, you killed my father prepare to die
Emily Rigby said…
haha natalie! thanks. yeah i sort of thought you were a professional dream interpreter. i just couldn't remember.

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