Mosaic Poem

In english, Mrs. Duffy gave us a packet with four poems by William Blake and several lyrics by Jim Morrison. She told us to compose a "mosaic" poem out of only the words in our packet. There were guidlines such as, we couldn't include more than three words in a row as used in the original works. And it had to be at least 8 lines long. It was crazy to see how different everyone's poems turned out in the end. Here is how mine went:

No Clothing, No Safety

By: Emily Culp

A little stiff twist in your burning heart,
Carefully you pause.

No armor, no safety.
Softest pleasures,
Talk of sin.
Such a delicate girl, such tender hands.
You grasp them.

You look at her with eyes that lie

Voice selfish loves deceit…
Work a deadly hammer,
Feed her mystery.
Then in an instant…

Legs pumping furiously,

Shrill crying in your arms
No consent, no safety.
Intense agony in a woman’s face
As sweet wicked joys – misused – frame your own.

It is over.

Morning swims through brains that live

In bodies caught and dying.
No surprise, no safety
From thickest tears or memories
they go on playing.


The Rambler said…
these are always fun. Yours is pretty good though! and I still read your blog.
Natalie Jane said…
geez. That's good. I'd find that in a book titled "Ants on the Melon".

I actually own that book and its a book of really good poems. So, you are a really good poem is what I'm trying to tell you.
Emily Rigby said…
ha. thanks nata :)

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