Let's go to Walgreens.

Boys and girls aren't the same. They're just NOT.
So I wish people would stop trying to make them seem that way.

We're just desensitizing ourselves to a point of numbing monotony.
Sounds great on paper...
Divert from what you used to see as moral. It's too hard. It's not in style. Cut off that thing called feeling anything real.
Live by the world's standards.
Break enough rules so that you eventually feel nothing.

How long can that kind of life last?
It's frustrating...

We're not all the same. That's BORING. And unnatural.
As for myself...I'm a girl. I'm emotional and sensitive and think that when a guy tells me he wants me it'll last longer than one night and could be something real.
I'm not going to be lady gaga and pretend I'm some dtf 24/7 no strings shell...

Ahhh i dunno.
Of course I'm not i'm not..trying to preach. "Change your ways! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!" Nah. I'm not perfect thus have no room to tell anyone else to be. We all make decisions and can "do whatever we want." I just wish the world we lived in wasn't so extremely out of whack...

::Cue Walgreens commercial theme::


Austin said…
hey! found this awesome book the other day at media play.
"Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus"...totally cleared everything up for me.
Emily Rigby said…
media play doesn't exist anymore!!??
you are funny.
Natalie Jane said…
Well here's the truth about that book. I took this relationships class once - it was offered on Sundays instead of Sunday School...and the teachers were this husband and wife and they CONSTANTLY told us to read that book. Said it was heaven sent.

Emily hurry and come to college. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeee
The Rambler said…
I want to hang out with you Emily.
Austin said…
WHA WHA WHAAAAT!?! they closed media play!

I have no reason to live.

and Natalie, did you take a class with Marty and Bobbi Mohan-Culp?"

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