These past couple days have been good. I'm pretty sure.
I'm kind of in a weird trance lately. I guess it's possible to become re-infatuated with someone multiple times?
My moods are so rollercoastery.. sheesh.

so i have a big project for health due on friday. i get to research a street drug and make a poster. i'll start that...later.
for english we get to write an epistolary poem due thursday.
i think i'll post it if it turns out nicely. i'm pretty freakin excited.

school is almost out but i'm still worrying over dumb projects. dumbb.
& i need a job :( really badly. i might have to resort to fast food. and die.
fast food is always hiring :(

anyway i got fake nails for prom. they're already starting to grow out though. gross.
& some complications:
oppening cans of soda
scratching an itch satisfyingly
applying mentholatum
popping zits
so i should probably get rid of them soon. ha.

i'll write a more thought-provoking blog...later...


gabriellejones said…
Ranch Drive-In is always hiring...

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