Sunday, November 16, 2008


how many times do i have to say
"i want to go to college right now"
before it happens?

except i don't want to finish my scholarship essays and crap. utah should just. know how cool i am and give me all the dollars and let me come noww.

i feel like college is my glimmer of hope in the distance whenever i feel lame but then i think. uh oh. what happens if college isn't all i dream of??

things i have to do before i gradeeate:
-finish my online Life Fitness class
-make a cd / senior project
-get through health and dance next semester
-other things

see how much my life is dumb?
ok. i whine too much.
but really. high school. i'm done with you. give me my stuff back.
gimme back my kentuckers
.........'and don't forget about my black t-shirt.'

Monday, November 10, 2008


my horoscope didn't mention you..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i'm so sick

of high school.
everyone that drinks. and smokes.'s so annoying. i mean i know people can be nice kids and cool and still do that sort of thing...but when kids talk and talk about it..the ones that "brag" about how wasted they got last night...i just want to vomit. i'm not impressed.

plus, stop telling me how dumb high school musical and disney channel are. please. i'm not 7 years old so it should be obvious to you that the kiddish shows i watch sometimes, i watch for fun. i embrace the cheese. no intelligent person takes these things seriously...
so Don't try to explain to me why i shouldn't like those things because they're "unrealistic" or something. whatever happened to immagination?
example: you can't like a show like full house or most sitcoms, and say you don't like hsm because it's "unrealistic".
nothing is realistic. akasdfhj.

stop trying to impress people with how much you hate twilight or disney channel or the jonas brothers. stop screaming about how awesome you are for liking obama and spring awakening. stop looking at me like i'm stupid.

where are my friends. where are the people that know me :/
you just can't replace people you've known for 3 years with people you've known for a couple months.
i'm sick right now, and i want to go to college.
i feel like pessimistic polly right now but.
ehg. it's hard ya know?
it's hard to be in high school and having moved your senior year.
i guess i'm just now figuring this out.

someone should buy me a dark room and endless supply of film and photo paper.. :)