Sunday, November 16, 2008


how many times do i have to say
"i want to go to college right now"
before it happens?

except i don't want to finish my scholarship essays and crap. utah should just. know how cool i am and give me all the dollars and let me come noww.

i feel like college is my glimmer of hope in the distance whenever i feel lame but then i think. uh oh. what happens if college isn't all i dream of??

things i have to do before i gradeeate:
-finish my online Life Fitness class
-make a cd / senior project
-get through health and dance next semester
-other things

see how much my life is dumb?
ok. i whine too much.
but really. high school. i'm done with you. give me my stuff back.
gimme back my kentuckers
.........'and don't forget about my black t-shirt.'

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