Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Can we be in love again...?"

I can't get that cheesy line from last week's Glee out of my head...


Uncle clark, are you santee clause?

I get to go home in...20 days.
In only 20 days I will get to see my mom and dad and siblings and friends and possibly acquaintances!
I. Am. So. Excited.
I'm not going to let anyone make it a downer experience for me either. Our family does tend to get into mini catastrophes every year...but besides that. It's going to ROCK. If i only get a few presents, I'm not going to mope and whine like I normally would. Family and a break from college is going to be enough. I swear. Also, I'm going to see my friends as much as time will allow, but I'm not going to feel guilt-tripped or depressed. I have a choice. No one can make me feel rotten without my consent. I'm going to see Kiersten and Gaby and Talon and Andrew and Mike and Peter and the drama kids and church kids and it's going to be so good. :) And if it starts to be no good for any reason I will be able to spend more time with my parents and that is good too.

Anyway. I'm determined to have a wonderful Christmas vacation. And after that I get to start a whole new semester. BREATH OF FRESH AIR. No more biology no more english 150 no more world dance no more 16.5 credits! Hello 12 credits :) hello new classes and new faces and snow and my birthday and all things that are good :)

I don't know. The other day I felt like my life was a pile of used disposable beans. But really...I have so much to look forward to. Especially if I get a guitar for Christmas and can get into one of the classes here. Hello motivation.

So there are only a few things bothering me at the moment. But whatever. I feel happy and composed and optimistic right now and i keep almost capitalizing everything.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

An then you say, hokay. An then he say, hokay.

I've decided that it's ok that I always feel this way because all I really want in the end is to get married someday... And when that day comes, none of this will even matter. And I'll be happy.
My ways are natural.

And who really likes being lonely anyway?
Not I, said the pig.

College is hard. I have quite an elephant to eat by next saturday. One bite at a time one bite at a time.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am going to actually do my homework sitting here at my desk, instead of half laying in my bed.
It is a strange idea...but it just might work.
And perhaps it will keep my eyelids from descending. Which is good.

Friday, November 6, 2009

No wait...real vomit this time

I have learned a great lesson tonight.
Just because your friends take you to cold stone and you happen to have a gift card, that does NOT mean you have to use it. Especially after you've just had red mango.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday is coming, did you bring your coat?

Registration over!
Tentative schedule for next semester:
M,W = Physical Science, Book of Mormon
Fri = " "
T = Current Social Issues, Marriage and Family
Th = " ", Intro to food sciences
Plus Women's Chorus every day...

Only 12 credits baby. bare minimum. ha. oh well. Registering was such a rush though i don't want to go to bed.
It might also have something to do with the fact that i binged on pringles, carmel popcorn, reece's and mt. dew in my gross. i want to purge. sup bulemia?

Anyway. Now I need to figure out what to write my 8 page issues paper on...
Something specific relating to religion in America. Anybody have any bright ideas? sigh. gay marriage is apparently too tough to write about for this one. maybe i should write about the pressure put on mormons to be perfect in relation to the depression rate in Utah...perhaps perhaps. ohhh college. you slay me.

I was reading a lot of my posts from last year and laughing at how all of them say "GET ME TO COLLEGE I"M SO DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL WAH". It's true is so much better. ha. i was right! I might even follow my siblings' tradition and stay here for summer term...I do miss home...but it's so good here...we'll see.
The only thing about college that hasn't differed much from high school is how i deal with boys... I was so worried about getting engaged my freshman i laugh at that idea. ha. oh goodness. i'm clueless.

In other news..i miss my guitar. a whole lot. i miss writing songs :/ Which is why i really want to take creative writing next sememster! General Eds kill me. Hopefully something will open up once classes actually start up...
In the meantime, here is a little poem i will now make up on the spot:
The mountain, in flames as the sun sets low,
Sparks a shrill ample cry in my very soul.
Then pinks and purples drip fresh from the brush
My heart becomes full, it swells with a rush.
Oh glorious sky, majestic and great
Words can only encumber your infinite weight.

ha. i don't even know if that last part makes sense. but the sunsets really are breathtaking here. beautiful provo :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ah la la la la la la Life is...

I accidentally just followed my own blog.
The shower was only sort of warm when I checked so now I am sad. Also...My room is a MESS, the rest of this semester has one million assignments looming over my head, I can't figure out what classes to take NEXT semester, and my face is full of pizza...and bleh. whine whine complain. :/

some good things...let's see...
I...bought cocopuffs tonight.
My clothes are clean (but not put away...)
Brother Parker let me turn in my study log after class without points off...
We're going to make a music video for FHE in 2 weeks and I get to be the director!
Choir concert tomorrow.
No womens chorus w, th, f!

Ugh. I'm freezing. I just want to take creative writing! Is that such a crime?! It's not as bad as the freaking Visual Arts and Theatre and Music departments though, that virtually don't let you take ANY classes unless you're in the major. OH MAN that makes me mad. No photography or drawing or music composition or anything :( sigh. Is ok...

Time for sleep and homework and sleep.