I think I'm growing up

Some day I will write a coherent/meaningful/worthwhile blog...

Year round college has given me a lot of opportunity to learn. Some examples:

Each new trendy person I meet that turns out to be full of him/herself/too cool for school - I'm realizing that people are unpredictable and that I don't have to dress a certain way to have awesome friends. Fashion is nice. But doesn't define me. I don't have enough money or will power to keep up/keep my closet filled with the latest urban outfitter $70 giant sweaters or cheap sandals. A girl in my Living Prophets class today was wearing a straight up mini skirt...not even with leggings. Really girl?
Just give me all the 80s thrift store apparel in the world and i'll be happy...

Each new class I struggle with - I'm not good at everything, and I'm pretty lazy. I justify my lack of studying with a feeling that most students are like that...I mean who has the time to read 20 pages of textbook just to feel caught up during lecture? As long as you cram before tests...

Each new calling I get in church - I can lead people, but I really have to work on being serious when I should be. Just got called to be a Sunday school teacher. This could either result in me making a fool of myself constantly, or learning how to balance my need to make people laugh with actual substance. Or both...

Every time I do my own laundry - Living costs a lot of money. And I don't separate colors from whites.

Every night I sleep in this place alone - I really do have to clean up after myself.

I thought I was pretty mature and figured out but. There is a lot to learn. I told my mom I was going to get married so I wouldn't have to worry about feeding myself anymore and she said "Good. Then you can still eat, but together." I'm taking that as a free pass to putting off learning how to cook...now just need to find me a man...ha. Advice from my sister in law "You can smooch all you want and date all you want. Just don't get married yet. Don't be a child bride."
I agree with her. I'm just so impatient. Life has been moving in slow motion since April. I'm ready to press PLAY again.
But I'm in no hurry to "grow up". That will keep happening on it's own.


Natalie Jane said…
Those are good lessons. I loved learning that people who dress like idiots usually are idiots. If you're TRYING to be a hipster, you're a dork. And I hate you. And if you're a girl and you think ugly is the new cute, I hate you. I only like normal, awesome people. Maybe college has made me bitter. That's what it taught me.
At least you're learning.

And hey. I get lots of A's without reading JACK

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