Saturday, May 15, 2010

As if.

There is a boy that rides a very small, very loud, very bright green motorbike type contraption around this neighborhood all the time. I want to as him for a lift someday.

Instead of posting all the negative things I've been thinking lately,
I'm going to try and be positive.
I will try to be the best person I can be. Super nice, happy, reading my scriptures, being friendly to people at school, praying....all while not being phony. Genuinely happy.
And if I still feel like I'd rather be living at home in 4 weeks because things just aren't working out...then maybe it's okay if I take a break. I have a scholarship for summer. I could get two, maybe three more general eds out of the way for free. But I'm just. Still. So stuck in transition.

Is it bad that I'd rather escape?

I just want to say: Neverending story is not a song (or movie) that should give one the license to call the listener a "psycho",
and Clueless is not a film for 9 year olds. It's sophisticated. IT'S EMMA. I almost cried tonight because someone was dissing Clueless. Then again they were doing so after I said "That's like my favorite movie!" so it felt kinda personal. I'M SO SENSITIVE ahhhhhhhhhh.

What am I going to do tomorrow? Sleep in till forever. Shower. Eat. Watch hulu? Curl my hair? Walk to 7-11?

Steal that green motorbike?

Friday, May 14, 2010

And wanted to know which princess voices were duplicates. I'm assuming it's something you're curious about as well. And well, here it is:

Ariel and Thumbelina are the same singer and voice actress : Jodi Benson
Jasmine and Mulan are the same singer : Lea Salonga
Belle has only ever played Belle : Paige O'Hara
Princess Odette is the same as Jasmine from Aladin II AND Anastasia : Liz Callaway
The singer for Pochahontas was only Pochahontas (Well, she was also "Princess Ting Ting from Mulan II...but that means nothing)

Aaaand the rest of them are old. So I'm going to assume they were not duplicated/I don't care.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I could put you in a Mansion

Here's the thing...
My new roommates...I don't think they get me. They are all athletic pretty brunettes that are super organized and driven and have different tastes than me and...well.

I'm messy. I never make my bed. My shoes and clothes are everywhere. My desk is constantly cluttered. And I'm really bad at painting my nails. I usually never do. I watch a lot of TV. I eat a lot of food and almost never exercise. I drink caffeinated soda. I LOVE fast food. I'm a horrible cook. I think things like youtube videos, SNL, 30 rock, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, and Demetri Martin are funny. I don't like country music. I'm a nice person and pretty positive, but I'm also subtle. I don't see reason in starting confrontation/being mean. I love to sing. I love people,

but when I don't understand someone I'd rather not spend all my time with them.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

No, wait. Real vomit.

I'm sick.
But the doctor told me to suck it.
Whatere, whatere.

Good thing I'm not still in high school because prom was today!
Happy prom everyone.