I could put you in a Mansion

Here's the thing...
My new roommates...I don't think they get me. They are all athletic pretty brunettes that are super organized and driven and have different tastes than me and...well.

I'm messy. I never make my bed. My shoes and clothes are everywhere. My desk is constantly cluttered. And I'm really bad at painting my nails. I usually never do. I watch a lot of TV. I eat a lot of food and almost never exercise. I drink caffeinated soda. I LOVE fast food. I'm a horrible cook. I think things like youtube videos, SNL, 30 rock, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, and Demetri Martin are funny. I don't like country music. I'm a nice person and pretty positive, but I'm also subtle. I don't see reason in starting confrontation/being mean. I love to sing. I love people,

but when I don't understand someone I'd rather not spend all my time with them.


The Rambler said…
sounds to me like you are doing the roommate thing right. I got lucky.

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