Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Night

Last night was by far one of the strangest nights of my entire life. I decided that if I could show you in pictures what happened rather than simply tell you in words I would be able to better communicate the essence of the story.
So I started drawing on paint. Frame 1 turned out like this:

Once I got my sleeping wheels turning I quickly fell asleep, despite the loud and annoying rabble-rousers outside my apartment.
Then things started to get weird and painful:

At this point I feel like something is going to explode inside me. It's a pain unlike any I've experienced before. It's not just cramps or diarrhea or your average stomach pain. This, I was convinced, was the end.
I managed to make my way onto the floor, hoping that lying on a surface other than my bed would diminish the pain. I grasped my cell phone and contemplated dialling 911 at least fifty times. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to fight this demon and win!

I then decided to crawl into the bathroom. Literally crawl. From what I can remember I sat in there for a while and nothing happened but more pain. I crawled back out and mustered some strength to stand. I looked in the mirror and discovered I was completely covered in sweat. Gross.

Nothing I did seemed to help the pain. I writhed and wiggled and massaged my stomach. I blurted out several half-asleep southern-esque melodramatic prayers that went something like, "Oh dear God and Jesus make the pain go away. Make me well again." I'm also pretty sure that I called my mom and hung up a few times...but despite all my efforts the sensation of someone stabbing my organs with needles persisted.

I finally decided to take a small drink of water.

Then after a few brief hallucinations about the eclair I had earlier that day and ingredients on my water bottle listling "salt, lots and lots of salt!"....
I barfed everywhere and went back to sleep...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life update.

If you were wondering:
I haven't declared my major yet,
My birthday is in 10 days, and
I'm not getting married/engaged/anything of the sort anytime soon.

Mostly because I got this text a couple days ago:
"I just lost the desire to see you. It didn't seem fun anymore..."

But. It's totally fine. Because after 6 months I finally feel like I can be myself again.
Example: The other night I went to a surprise party and it was so fun. I felt like a normal fun college kid again.
And last night I went to a show at the Death Star with some friends and there were only like 12 people there total. But I danced like a crazy person and it was awesome.
Also this happened:

"I look like Jasmine..."
So...basically all my dreams are coming true.