I remember a time freshman year when no one came to my choir concert.
I wandered through the crowd afterward chin up in my sparkly dress all the way out the door and back to my apartment alone
in the dark.

I wonder, 4 years before that, if the cheerleader in the children's ensemble for the tri-state area felt alone when she told us what the doctors had told her. Cancer. Leukemia. The soprano section sank around her like the Marys at Golgotha and the mee-meh-mahs hung still on the pianists hands and I wonder what she must have felt.

And 4 years before that there was Amanda. Who drank formula and brought 02 tanks to school. Too young to spell her name right every time. She smelled like hospitals and smiled like an angel and then one day she just didn't come in. It was in the middle of the fall. Did anyone attend the funeral?

I remember feeling like a sparkly island once
and often
but many girls do
through harder times.


Natalie said…
This is so beautiful. And made me cry.

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