I'm SO done.
This is the third time since I've been at college.
Why does this keep happening to me?!
I blame myself.
Which SUCKS.
Cryptic cryptic bla bla bla.

Life Lessons of Emily's Freshman Year of College:
-Trendy boys mean nothing. They can be jerks, nerds, weirdos, tools, just like any other boy. Nice clothing, by NO means, guarantees nice personality.
-Someone can like the same music and movies as you and be completely incompatible with you at the same time.
-Don't kiss boys you only sort of like. It ends badly EVERY TIME.

Whatere. Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic. Sometimes i feel like that's okay...


Natalie Jane said…
Here's what I learned in college:
-you'll never read on reading days. Unless it's Harry Potter or the DaVinci code
-if you major in English, you'll never have to go to the testing center again
-15 page papers aren't too bad
-the cannon center isn't that great once you're not a freshman anymore
The Rambler said…
I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like this school doesn't fit me very well... but I plan on being here next year. I figure I'll have more control over my environment and the people who surround me.

I haven't even tried looking for any relationship... I don't need one.

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