I saw three people wearing the "We're on the same level" shirt today. The one with the giraffe and the dinosaur hugging. Good thing I didn't buy that one. Instead I purchased the contradictory music genres one and the "anatomy of a shirt" one. Lazar cats was sold out. But seriously. Everyone loves threadless! It's crazy.
I saw one that says "I don't blog, I just TWEET A LOT." and i thought. That's me....that's totally me. haha. Oh man.

So I went to Pirate Island tonight for "karaoke and half price appetizers" only the appetizers were a lie. Anyway I sang Dancing Queen and felt like an idiot. I really just freeze when it comes to performing. I may act like a crazy person in groups of friends or at parties or whatever...but actually performing...or public speaking...I just can't do it. I always THINK I can....but it never turns out well. I'm also a terrible actress. Ha. whatever. Anyway there were SO many hipsters there. And I just kept thinking. Hey, skinny girls that wear no makeup and don't brush your hair and wear baggy shirts. WHAT'S YOUR DEAL. Oh. Cool leather satchel. Cool. Cool mini skirt. Cool belts. Cool middle part. What. Whaaat. Yikes. Why is ugly the new cute. WHY.

Anyway. I have no work tomorrow. Didn't work today either. Is it weird that I kind of miss it? Also...I become way less productive without it. So weird.
Work or no work I should probably go to bed at a decent time. Tired.


Natalie Jane said…
Seriously, what's going on with the world. Now that I'm married, it's a whole new level. These skinny hipsters that grew up and are now moms. And are SO TINY and wear TRENDY things. And I sit in church and I'm like - I'm not skinny and I dont have a baby and I'm wearing a dress that's 4 years old. SUCK IT.

I sometimes miss student wards.

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