It's an exciting story!


So I've taken two years of classes at BYU including a spring and summer term inbetween them. I have a total of...76.5 credits under my belt. I've taken voice lessons, photography, wildlife biology, world dance, Journalism, Sign Language, creative writing, and a million other things. And the truth is, I still don't know what to do with my life.

I declared my major as "pre-comms" with a plan to apply to the advertising program after next fall...but I don't even really know if that's what I want. I just picked something. Because BYU told me to.
I dunno. Maybe I am destined to end up in an artsy ad agency in some big city...or a small boutique in a smaller city, writing copy, being creative, and trying to wear the latest fashions. Just, for some reason that occupation doesn't feel family friendly to me...Maybe it's just because I'm not close to anyone in that field so I don't know what to expect. I know about teachers and nurses and TV news producers. Maybe I should just start watching Mad Men...then I'll know what it's like in the ad the 1960s? Hm.

I feel pathetic and discouraged and ridiculous when everyone around me seems to have a plan...But at least I'm still in college. At least I haven't dropped out without a major...right?

I've come to accept that I'll be in college for a long time. Longer than people that had a major their senior year of high school, anyway. I'll probably be done by the time I'm like 22...23? Yeah? Probably.

In other news,
I just read a few blogs and the jist of them went like this: "My life is so great I really can't believe it but really do you know how awesome my life is? I have nothing to complain about! Things are perfect. I have a boyfriend/husband or am content with the fact that I don't! Wow I loveeeeeeeeeee life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And at first I was all, Ughhh. Just stop. I hate you all shut up shut upppp you're annoying.
BUT then I got to thinking...there are just people out there with that sort of personality. And it's fine. They're probably not trying to be obnoxious; they're just enthusiastic. So I should probably not hate them. But that doesn't mean I have to enjoy their blog, either...heh.

In other other news...My palms are orange. And so are my legs...I temporarily lost my patience with the sun. Lawl.


T Kelly said…
Have you taken TMA 102: Intro to Film? Do you want to work on some Capstones this Fall? Being a film major is awesome.

PS don't sweat about not having it figured out yet.
Emily Rigby said…
Haha yeah I took intro to film last semester. It does seem like an awesome major...if I worked on capstones would that give me a better shot at making it in?
Kelly Thomson said…
hahah been there done that. On all levels.
Kelly Thomson said…
oops. that comment left by Kelly thomson was really left by me, Natalie Thomson.

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