That big blue "F" word.

Let's talk about FACEBOOK for a second.

I don't know if it's just summer and nothing is happening, or if Google+ is secretly taking over while I don't pay attention to it...but for whatever reason facebook has been of very little use to me lately! I get on it every other day and find only the most random, pointless, notifications. Like my friend from middle school's stepmom requesting me to join her in "the gardens of time." Or some kid that I met a couple times in Kentucky inviting me to a death metal concert. And so on. Even when I upload new pictures(what I thought was my main reason for having FB), the only responses I get are my mom "liking" every single one, or a couple comments from either really close friends or strangers.
Then there's the awkward facebook chatting that goes on with people you really don't want to talk to. Nobody likes that.
The only other thing I do on facebook is "stalk" and even that has lost its luster. Usually occasion arises when a conversation like this comes up: "Yeah I'm talking to this new guy" "Show me his pictures is he cute?!?" Or when I'm so incredibly bored that I find someone's status entertaining and look through their profile pictures.

You guys! Do you see what's going on here? Facebook is not the life-absorbing time-consuming death trap that it once was! I'm afraid to say it...but it's becoming more and more like the great myspace fade daily...Will the time come when facebook is no longer such a critical vice in the world of social media? Or just our culture in general? I think it's possible...

And yet, for now, I still can't seem to delete or even de-activate my account. I still feel like I need it--just in case.
But really. Tumblr and Twitter and pinterest and such provide me with much more entertainment and connections as of late.

I still really liked that social network movie though. And I had a dream last night about dating Jesse Eisenberg...


In summary: Facebook, I think let's change our relationship status from "BFFLZ" to "It's complicated." No hard feelings?


eric keith said…
I totally agree. Remember when it was fun to waste four hours on Facebook? There just isn't substantial material to do that anymore. Tragic. Facebook has become

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