Get behind me, Santa!

So instead of studying for finals right now I am creating a finals schedule at work. And by that I mean I'm coloring with crayons...

Which is just as good if not BETTER than studying.
My week really won't be too bad. I'm taking 4 tests and then going home to Seattle! I'm flying in an airplane next Saturday morning all by myself. Have I mentioned this? None of my siblings are coming to Christmas...It will just be me and my parents for 12 days.

Which will be fun. I think...
My mother has promised Turkey dinners, doctor's appointments, arts and crafts, and an all around great time!
I'm at least excited about seeing my Seattle friends. AKA Me and Kiersten will be hitting up Dick's and thrift stores and partying like it's 1999. WATCH OUT NORTHWEST.

Other than that I will just be relieved to have a break from school. SCHOOL....I still don't know what I'm doing next semester. Every time I think about it I want to dig a giant hole and hide in it until I'm married. Wait. I mean.

Speaking of Christmas, this year we decided to draw names for gifts. So hypothetically, I'm only supposed to be getting up to $50 worth of a present from my dad and that's it. The only things I asked for this year were Pajama Jeans and Justin Bieber's perfume...So we'll see if I get either/both/none of those things. My dad might just buy me a season of Star Trek, bless his soul.
Otherwise, I'm giving to my sister, she's giving to...Doug? Doug's giving to...Sarah? I honestly couldn't tell you. Christmas 2011 is cray cray. Everyone is just partying with their spouses while I bop around by my lonesome.

If I happen to get some extra Christmas cash though I'm thinking I'll finally buy a digital SLR. Any recommendations? I want to be able to film with it. And take awesome photos to put on the internet. Because that's what people do right? I also will finally be able to start my glamour shots business so that's good.

Happy Christmas Y'all! Don't forget to listen to Sufjan!


Emily said…
Don't forget to hang out with me too! Remember how we live in Provo together but never see each other? dumb.
Natalie said…
Love it :) Christmas blog.
Aaaaaand, kudos to the Kevin McCallister map of your finals. That's the best way to go. A blue print made from crayons. Press pause and pick out all the booby traps!

You'll have fun in Seattle at that soup kitchen. And I'll miss you and Seattle like crazy. Tell Santa hi for me!

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