Friday, September 30, 2011

3 cool things and 1 awkward moment

1. I had a dream about cats last night. More specifically, MY cat, Nacho. In my dream she was still alive because I had figured out how to nurse her back to health. (She just needed someone to force-feed her!) And she could also shape shift into a human if she needed a non-cat disguise. The human usually had cerebral-palsy. She's such a clever cat. :)

(Here's a picture of the two of us in one of my senior pictures. Can't make that kind of thing up)

2. I got re-tweeted by the Daily Universe. Did you know? My school's newspaper's twitter noticed something hilarious I said! (Getting re-tweeted does more for my self esteem that it should)

3. Turns out almost everyone in gleeYU loves Justin Bieber. LOVES HIM! Even the founder of the club, Travis. So...we may or may not be singing Never say Never at BYU's got talent in a few weeks. And I have a couple solos.

4. The other day I saw someone on campus. Someone that I have been hoping I would run into. I'm always like, where this person at? It would be so fun to see them at school! I don't want to disclose too many details...but let's just say...I saw this person, and for some reason I immediately, literally shrank behind a wall to avoid interacting with them. And the best part is that I'm not sure if this person saw me before I hid from them.'s possible that I've ruined our friendship forever.
WHY does that happen?! Why do we see people that we know and avoid talking to them? I want a sociological psychology scientific explanation please.
Are we afraid that they won't be excited to see us? Do we feel too busy? Is it just that sometimes you feel introverted and sometimes you don't?
Either way I feel like an idiot.

Also. I just told a girl at work that I loved her "sexy cold voice." It was by far the creepiest thing I have ever said and I don't know what possessed me to say it. Word Vomit.

(Okay I guess there are really 2 awkward moments in this post)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Her head was on fire

Time to be introspective.
Remember how, on my blog, I have said several times that I want to be an English teacher who one day goes on to write novels? Or just one good novel?

Why don't I just do that...?

In 8th grade when I read To Kill A Mockingbird I found it fascinating and wanted to read more by Harper Lee. But as I searched and searched I discovered that was the only thing she had ever written. I was so disappointed, but all the more intrigued. Lee was a teacher, who wrote an American masterpiece, and then retired...When I found that out about her, my little 13 year old self thought, "I'd like to live that same life."

7 years later I am a junior in college pursuing an advertising major...

Why? Is it that my dreamz have changed? Was that just something I wanted as a middle schooler? And if not, why am I so afraid to pursue that path...
Is it because my sister and my friends and a million people I know are english teachers? And I only know maybe a handful of advertising people? I know the advertising major will be quicker and I get the impression it will be "easy" compared to many other that another reason why I'm holding back?

I do enjoy the classes I'm taking right now. Mass communications, Media writing, and literary interpretations...So I'm justifying being an advertising major with an english minor.
Let's say this for a plan: Next semester I will get to turn in my advertising video application. Until I find out if I'm in the program or not, I'll just be taking classes for my minor. So next semester if I'm just so in love with English that I can't stand it...Maybe I'll say JUST KIDDING! to advertising...
I'm telling you. This semester is the deciding point! And also next semester is the deciding point also!....
I'm never going to graduate.

When I see myself in 10 years I see a mother and a wife. Living in a nice house somewhere, with an office just for me, to write. I see music and babies and being an internet sensation. I mean international sensation. With a closet full of rhinestone dresses. Well really I just see those first couple of things and then my imagination starts to go wild...

But I will say, I do like Usher.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Right now.
I am at work.
And it is so BUSY.

Let's rewind to how my day began.
This morning I went to my 8am class. I was 15 minutes late (so I slept in like 40 minutes longer than I normally do). But I was still so tired for the whole lecture. I absorbed about 5 minutes of information, I would say. Then I had to come straight to work.

(I typed in "BYU Operator" into google images and found this. I guess it's an accurate depiction of my everyday work environment...)

Anyway I came to work thinking, like I always do, that I'm going to get copious amounts of homework done and be super productive in between taking calls! And inevitably...this happened:

You guys. I HAVE A PROBLEM...
My social media/internet obsession has reached an unacceptable level. I mean I still go outside and breathe fresh air and speak to humans in person...But homework? FORGET ABOUT IT. Sleep? MAYBE LATER LOLZ.

It's bad.

And I know my last post was about twitter and all the positive things about it...but I don't care. I am a walking contradiction. Like a starburst. That could walk.

So now I've been at work for about an hour and a half and my fatigue mixed with internet mixed with not doing my homework is sending me into a panic attack/rage and all I want to do is cry and eat donuts and drink chocolate milk. AND I'VE BEEN WRITING THIS ENTIRE POST WHILE TAKING CALLS WHICH HAS ONLY INCREASED MY ANXIETY LEVELS. I am not smart. I am not responsible. I DON'T HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON AND IT IS 10:30AM.

The good news is, this cat walked into my apartment again last night. She's definitely now officially MY CAT. She'll still live outside, but I know where her loyalties lie. And I think her name is going to be Starvin' Marvin. Because I fed her like 7 pieces of lunch meat and an entire string cheese...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life and twitter

So lately I've been neglecting my blog. Of all my social media habits, blogging has to be the weakest one. There's a shirt from threadless that says "I'm not a blogger, I just tweet A LOT" and sometimes I feel like that's my life. Even though it's supposed to be ironic or whathaveyou.

But anyway, let's have an update. Let's's been almost exactly one month. And a freaking lot can happen in a month as it turns out!
To start, I moved into my new apartment. I moved in with 3 completely random strangers. (I'M BRAVE) They're all pretty chill. Two of them knew each other before and the other is just fun and super involved with BYU. My only complaint is that all of them seem to have the same terrible taste in music... (sorry if any of you see this post...) but you know what I mean. The twangiest country imaginable mixed with any overplayed song from the early 2000s that you would normally skip on the radio...ha. But...whatever.

Another update on my life is that I NEVER SLEEP ANYMORE. I know that a lot of people must have similar schedules to mine and that I'm probably being dramatic, but it's killer. I have an 8 am class on Monday/Wednesday, and 9:30 am Tuesday/Thursday. Then on the weekends I get scheduled to work BUTTHOLE early (woke up at 630 currently at work unwashed and un-makeup'd...) and I have 9am church. SO. I mean. Can you see my frustration. I forget what it feels like to sleep in. AM I NOT TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SORT OF LIFESTYLE?!? College kids are supposed to be able to live it up! Guess not :/

Besides new roommates, and new sleep schedule, I've also encountered some pretty awesome people via twitter lately...

I know. I know this might make me sound like a complete loser/sociopath, but I have made real friends through twitter! I personally don't see anything wrong with this fact. It's not like I am incapable of making friends in real life. It's just that twitter makes it easier because people who already like the same things as you/think you're funny can find you! So yeah.

Tyler is one of them. Turns out we are the exact same person, just different genders. It's the best. And then Anna, I guess I met her before, but she's hilarious. And so are her friends (Dave aka centaur cop). And there are several others. (@makinuvbetter, @bemorte, @thesupremerace...) Really. I like twitter. I like it a lot and I don't care what anyone says. HATER'S BACK OFF.

In other news, I saw a cat the other day!! life is good right now. Nevermind the fact that I have a paper due in a few hours that is but a mere a paragraph so far... (Every semester I make the pledge that I will be a more dedicated student...and every semester I do everything at the last minute or not at all...) But it's fine. :)

I hope all of you are finding successes in your life at the present time. If you're anything like me, stay away from those cafe rio salads and cupcakes! You're getting fat again!
Love you!