Right now.
I am at work.
And it is so BUSY.

Let's rewind to how my day began.
This morning I went to my 8am class. I was 15 minutes late (so I slept in like 40 minutes longer than I normally do). But I was still so tired for the whole lecture. I absorbed about 5 minutes of information, I would say. Then I had to come straight to work.

(I typed in "BYU Operator" into google images and found this. I guess it's an accurate depiction of my everyday work environment...)

Anyway I came to work thinking, like I always do, that I'm going to get copious amounts of homework done and be super productive in between taking calls! And inevitably...this happened:

You guys. I HAVE A PROBLEM...
My social media/internet obsession has reached an unacceptable level. I mean I still go outside and breathe fresh air and speak to humans in person...But homework? FORGET ABOUT IT. Sleep? MAYBE LATER LOLZ.

It's bad.

And I know my last post was about twitter and all the positive things about it...but I don't care. I am a walking contradiction. Like a starburst. That could walk.

So now I've been at work for about an hour and a half and my fatigue mixed with internet mixed with not doing my homework is sending me into a panic attack/rage and all I want to do is cry and eat donuts and drink chocolate milk. AND I'VE BEEN WRITING THIS ENTIRE POST WHILE TAKING CALLS WHICH HAS ONLY INCREASED MY ANXIETY LEVELS. I am not smart. I am not responsible. I DON'T HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON AND IT IS 10:30AM.

The good news is, this cat walked into my apartment again last night. She's definitely now officially MY CAT. She'll still live outside, but I know where her loyalties lie. And I think her name is going to be Starvin' Marvin. Because I fed her like 7 pieces of lunch meat and an entire string cheese...


Natalie said…
Hey. I have a rule in my classroom: only positivity. You are smart and you can be responsible. It just takes practice and self discipline...which seems to disappear in college.

In high school, I challenged myself to stop eating chocolate and french fries for 2 months. And I did it. I would even pick out the chocolate chips from granola bars!

And then college hit and I'd say, I want to stop eating Wendy's...and end up on their dining room floor crusted in frosty, fries under my fingernails.

So...it's not you. It's college. Our brains stop functioning properly when we take classes and are on a husband hunt. haha.

I love you. You can do anything.
Emily Rigby said…
haha i think you're right. It's college. Even over the summer when I didn't have class I felt like I had way more control over my life! blah. youth is wasted on the young as i always (never) say

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