3 cool things and 1 awkward moment

1. I had a dream about cats last night. More specifically, MY cat, Nacho. In my dream she was still alive because I had figured out how to nurse her back to health. (She just needed someone to force-feed her!) And she could also shape shift into a human if she needed a non-cat disguise. The human usually had cerebral-palsy. She's such a clever cat. :)

(Here's a picture of the two of us in one of my senior pictures. Can't make that kind of thing up)

2. I got re-tweeted by the Daily Universe. Did you know? My school's newspaper's twitter noticed something hilarious I said! (Getting re-tweeted does more for my self esteem that it should)

3. Turns out almost everyone in gleeYU loves Justin Bieber. LOVES HIM! Even the founder of the club, Travis. So...we may or may not be singing Never say Never at BYU's got talent in a few weeks. And I have a couple solos.

4. The other day I saw someone on campus. Someone that I have been hoping I would run into. I'm always like, where this person at? It would be so fun to see them at school! I don't want to disclose too many details...but let's just say...I saw this person, and for some reason I immediately, literally shrank behind a wall to avoid interacting with them. And the best part is that I'm not sure if this person saw me before I hid from them. So...it's possible that I've ruined our friendship forever.
WHY does that happen?! Why do we see people that we know and avoid talking to them? I want a sociological psychology scientific explanation please.
Are we afraid that they won't be excited to see us? Do we feel too busy? Is it just that sometimes you feel introverted and sometimes you don't?
Either way I feel like an idiot.

Also. I just told a girl at work that I loved her "sexy cold voice." It was by far the creepiest thing I have ever said and I don't know what possessed me to say it. Word Vomit.

(Okay I guess there are really 2 awkward moments in this post)


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