Leap Day William

If you haven't seen the latest episode of 30 Rock, your February 29th is/was probably incredibly lackluster and I'm sorry about that.

I got pretty psyched about the whole thing. I wore the festive colors and tried to spread Leap Day cheer. I even got invited to a Leap Day party tonight. But to my disappointment when I responded with, "Really?! Blue and yellow?! And Leap Day William?!" (pictured above), the guy just looked at me for a few seconds and said "I'm not sure what that means." Either way it's been a fine Leap Day. I took a 2 hour nap because "real life is for March!" and haven't really done anything else...but hopefully I'll be wining and dining with Christy after work. I do love food a whole lot.

Ugh. Work. Work lately has been so busy. Or, at least I've been scheduled during busy hours a lot lately. It tends to wear me down. I used to be super productive at work. I could knock out several homework assignments during one 4 hour shift and feel great about my life. But these days I usually just nibble at homework and spend the rest of my time on the internet or feeling overwhelmed.

Ugh. Feeling overwhelmed. Did you know that I'm only taking 9.5 credits this semester? Because I am. I am a human joke. And what's worse is that even though I only have 3 academic classes to be responsible for, I still manage to find ways to procrastinate and hate life.

In other news:
  • Eric had a birthday.
I made enchiladas and Nancy and Leah made cakes. (the one says Happy Tranny, the other, is Kermit. Perfect.)
Also, this picture was taken...no regrets...
  • I got to hang out with Provo 100 block kids this past weekend because a boy named Gilbert befriended me via twitter. What I mean to say is I went to like 3 local shows this weekend and it was awesome. Including a secret house show by Desert Noises.

  • And finally. Christy got some new headphones and we discovered an amusing passtime that some refer to as "Headphone Karaoke." But we just call it "Try to sing or talk like a normal person while this music is blasting really loud in your ears and you literally can't hear anything, not even your own voice."
    Kind of lengthy title, but the results are hilarious. Enjoy.


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