Somewhere in the bottom of the rain

I believe that life is beautiful
I believe that I can write
I want to write
It's the only thing I like besides TV and Soda
Let me write for you

If I don't get into the creative track for advertising an option is that I could go on a mission and then change my major to English teaching like I always wanted.

If I get into the creative track I could go to graduate school for creative writing and be a creative writing teacher.

My major is hard and competitive and I'm a terrible public speaker so maybe I won't work in an ad agency when I graduate.

I don't want to go on an internship.

I want the boys I have crushes on to take me on a date

I want the boys I don't have crushes on to just hug me.

I want to see Steve Roggenbuck when he comes to Salt Lake.


Natalie said…
You did see him! Your wishes are coming true!

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