Who am I? I'm 24601 basically

Reasons why I feel like an insane person

- I have developed an irrational hatred for ultimate frisbee/YSA FHE
- I'm jealous of girls who are friends with people that I'm not dating
- I eat McDonald's almost every day
- I feel like I will never get married
- When I walk through an airport I am fairly certain that everyone is checking me out (I have no idea if this is true)
- I'm not attracted to conventionally attractive people (example: Adam Levine)
- I am ENCHANTED by literature and the arts but I almost never read
- I majored in Advertising
- I made an OK Cupid profile
- I MET UP w/ someone on OK Cupid
- I own 52 pairs of underwear
- I have never been to Olive Garden
- I've lost all ability to do simple math
- I see dead people
- Just kidding

This past week has felt like an entire month and my body is falling apart.
But it's cool.


Haley Nimer said…
you know i believe the underwear thing. many trips to the vs panty raid sale? and p.s. when are you going to come over to my house to cook dinner together and watch a movie? basically if i'm not at school or working i'm at home, pretending to do yoga but mostly (always) just making food and watching netflix instead.so come over and join already!
Deane O'Connor said…
I think if you cut out Micky D's you'd go back to normal
Deane O'Connor said…
I'm joking, but mostly I'm being serious
like mhmm haaaa!
Emily Rigby said…
Haleyyy! Eating food and watching Netflix actually sounds like a dream. haha. I should come over every day probably.

And as far as McDonald's goes, to quote Rick Astley, "Never gonna give u up, never gonna let u down." ha

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