A very bad poem

Our assignment for poetry this week is to write a very bad poem.
Here's what I've come up with:

My Love in Blue Sandals

It is spring and
your smile is like a daffodil

I kiss you beneath the stars
You ask me how many there are
Your face is like a newborn bunny--
soft and full of wonder

Life is slipping away from us
like a breeze
No man can know the depth of space
Or time

Your legs are the sea--
endless and crushing
With each wave upon the shore
you walk toward me
I taste salt in the air

How did you become so wondrous
like the moon?
Did you wake up one day and decide
you were the moon?
I look into your eyes and see endless worlds

It is like a delicious grape
--or a handful of grapes
to know your love
So sweet and crisp
In the summer

Come to me
In your silly flip flops
you foolish girl
who knows nothing of time or

And yet…

My soul is reborn
I cry out--
an infant in your arms
We are one, and the world
spins on.

Debating whether or not I should've made it more ridiculous...but I'm sure my teacher will think it's bad. I hope he thinks it's awful!! This has been super entertaining. I highly recommend the exercise. (We're supposed to be getting cliches and such out of our system. Lolzzz)


Brissa said…
I would like an autographed copy of this. I like the parts about the bunny and the grapes and yet...
-E- said…
You should read some William McGonagall for inspiration. Not that this is bad err...good.
Natalie said…
That is awesome. hahaha. That does sound like a super fun exercise in poetry writing.
Coby Gerstner said…
I would like an autographed grape.

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