Something Good.

I love today.
Church was at 8:30 and yet today was a good day.
I napped, I ate lasagne (I am garfield), worked on some guitar, talked to new people for a long time, went to Natalie's and watched 30 rock, met more new people, watched Anastasia, then figured out my schedule. I even got into a creative writing class! Finally. Such a fluke. So happy.
I love that I only have two classes besides choir tomorrow, the first one being at 1pm.
I love that I feel so much better than I did a couple days ago.
I love laughing.

I'm going to do a cover of "Oh what a day" by Ingrid Michaelson. It expresses everything I want to say. I LOVE her! Then I'll probably do a Jason Mraz cover, then get back to working on original stuff. So psyched. Maybe I will just stay here spring semester so I can take songwriting and work on my stuff some more...Whooo knows.
I just feel good right now.

I wish things hadn't ended the way they did...but I'm going to try to just...remember the good things about 2009. I refuse to say I wasted a year of my life on someone. That's not the case at all. I hate when people say that. There is always something to take away from your experiences. For me..I had a lot of fun, and learned more about myself and about relationships. Sweet.
Now I feel like I can finally move on. I'm about 4 months late..but I'm willing to forgive myself for that little slip up.
So. New Years Resolutions?

1. Don't dwell on the past/get discouraged. Know that there ARE other fish in the sea. Equally talented, funny, and handsome fish. Not to mention Mormon.

2. Make a lot of music.

3. Don't gain 10 lbs.

4. Declare a major...

5. Take chances, make mistakes, RIDE ON THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS.

Pretty vague...but I've come to terms with a lot of things. Like how I will never be a regular exerciser. No matter how many times I try to psyche myself into it...IT AINT GOIN HAPPN. And as far as other goals...I just like to work on things throughout the year. Whole year resolutions are pretty daunting really....

Anyway. Things are good. I should remember to sleep though... :)


The Rambler said…
can;t wait for #2. and #5. ha

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