"Did I tell you my cat died?

Do you have a little time
Would you like to feel sublime
talk for hours and never stop
chop your head off
be a lighter person brighter person, nicer
but you've heard it all before..."

A pet dying is a very strange experience.
I don't know what to make of it.

I miss you Nacho.



casey j. ross said…
pretty much i didn't know you have a blog till right now. can we be friends? :)

i love your face. and i'm so sorry about nacho :( he was a GREAT cat
Emily Rigby said…
SHEEEEEEEE was a great cat! Let's be blog friends :) :)
casey j. ross said…
oops :/ sorry...pretty sure you've had to correct me on that since i met you...baha. dangit.

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