Creative Writing homework is pretty much the only homework I do. Or at least the only homework I do willingly...

.....I Once loved a Cheshire Cat......

You are walking with your smile.
A smug and gilded smile that I don’t buy.

Your teeth tell me I am pathetic.
Your new stripes tell me I was a waste of time.

In my wildest dreams
A molten metal stick sears through your fur.
It shows me dust inside. Dust that
Blows into my face, makes me sneeze, And realize

I know what you are after all.
The Stupid that I stepped in that made my sole

And as I walk by you, your nose catches on
And scrunches your whiskers
And brings you defeat.

But dreams remain fantasy
And you don’t miss a beat.
Disappear again,


The Rambler said…
Emily. seriously. you got knocked down. so what? get up again. cus they can never ever keep you down.
Emily Rigby said…
Dude. This poem is not about remorse! It's supposed to be clever. Don't worry I am fine. I am once again commander in chief on my pimp ship flyin high. haha.
The Rambler said…
well it's not like I was offering real advice... Chumbawumba...
Emily Rigby said…

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