Today in creative writing we were creating a character on the spot. Just throwing out ideas to develop this mystery person. Kim asked "okay...what's his name?" I thought in my mind, Jeffrey. Then Matt said "JEFFREY". (Haha what?!) Then later she asked if he only spoke English and we both yelled "CANTONESE". "GET OUT OF MY HEAD", said Matt.
Funny day.
It got ruined though when I suggested Geoff be a fan of DDR and everyone booed me out of the classroom. "NO NO NO!" yelled beaver kid. "Impossible!" yelled Jon Michael. I'll show you what's impossible! Fools. Our assignment with Geoffrey is to write about him. I plan on making him a total nerd/tool just to spite everyone. WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO LIKE EVERY CHARACTER YOU CREATE? THEY'LL BE SORRY.
The day improved again however when I got a large coke from McDonalds and watched the Brothers Bloom. Such a great movie. Why can't more movies be GOOD?! COME ON.

Anyway the poem I turned in last week is below. I decided to hack that other "run" poem for the repetition assignment and made this one instead. Be on the lookout for assignment 9: attention to detail! ha.

-----The horizontal run------

The couple in the corner say they run all night,
while four uncovered shoulders catch the gray moonlight.

Turning every corner, got their shoes still on
Counting constellations, run away from dawn.

Stomping over blankets laid upon the ground
The rustling of running makes a gentle sound.

Gasping for thick dark air,
Beads of dew attack the brow.

Aching muscles, bodies bear
They reach their red tape now.

Marathoners, racers
Of The horizontal run.


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