36 cats, 13 dead.

I don't know how to delete this blog.
I'M A HOARDER. (I watched two hours of Hoarders last night. Traumatic.)
I literally have stuff saved that I wrote when I was 7 years old. If I had said notebook with me I would now include a picture of one of the several stories written about cats. But it's at home in a huge box full of fiction/non fiction/essays/etc.
So you can see how it is difficult for me to just delete this blog which contains years of random writing. I wish I could just make half of my posts private, but I don't know HOW.
Here's my plan. I will no longer post ambiguous blog posts. No more vague "I'm sad" posts. No more "I regret certain things". ETC. My blog is sooooo full of those posts and they make me feel like I'm in high school and will never escape.
From now on I will only post truth and hilarity and if I'm feeling sad, I won't post about it unless I say what's actually going on.
This sounds like a good idea yeah? Yeah.

And....I also want to jump on the bandwagon of the 30 posts in 30 days thing....So Maybe I will start that today? I DO have 4 more hours of work left and almost no homework.....
In summary: I will never become like Hoarder Vula who let cats poop and die all over her house.
I will grow up and use social media responsibly.

Love, Emily.


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