I'm at this point in my life where I just don't have a lot figured out.
And then I realize that's been my life for years and years. It's just life. You'll never have it figured out completely. You can have some constants and know truth, but you're not Raven Symone, don't know what's happening next.
Here are some things that are going to happen, but HOW, I have not the slightest.

I will declare a major by the end of this semester...
I have to.

I will figure out Derek Noyes.

I will decide where to live over spring/summer/fall/winter and who to live with.
I will decide how much school to attend over summer.

There a lot of things going down.

And I just figured out the double meaning of Britney's new song yesterday.
Would you hold it against me? Literally. Your body.


Barry said…
Hey Emily Rigby
Natalie Jane said…
I looked at this post and thought to myself, it's old. She's had a picture of Crossroads on here before....


but it was new.
Emily Rigby said…
All new and IMPROVED. ha.
Hey Barry!

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