Birthday weekend! (PICTURES)

So this weekend I turned 21. It really happened. The clock struck midnight and I pulled a slot machine and chugged a keg of beer.
But what really happened is this:
At midnight, Vanessa and Megan and I went to 7/11 and I purchased a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. (Hipster beer). The lady at the counter asked me if I was going to drink it. I said "Nope. Just want to pour it out somewhere!" Then after a brief run in with Provo sensation "B-Money" we traveled to the top of a parking garage and voila! It was so fun. It made me feel like a 21 year old.

I woke up the next morning at 10:30 and my roommate Tiffany had bought me french toast from Kneaders! It was a grand gesture. So nice :) Then things got real boring. Vanessa had left for Disneyland and everyone was in school so I decided to go to the mall by myself. I boughta blazer and a skirt and some cute bobby pins. Also, this happened while I was in the dressing room:
A CHILD. I gave birth to that child. Nah Jking, but she scooched on in from the room next to me. It was hilarious/terrifying. At least I had pants on when she arrived.

After the mall I met up with Gilbert because he's on spring break and had nothing better to do.
We went to McDonalds. He's super happy.

Then at 7 I went to Slab Pizza with some friends to celebrate. I got the pulled pork pizza and everyone was in awe of it. They were all, "Woah, can I have a bite? Can I have another bite?" And I was all, "I told you to get this kind but you didn't listen! But sure, have a bite of my birthday pizza is okay."
Here I am, happy to share my birthday pizza with friends. (That's a new app by the way. Pizza with friends. Have you heard of it? I'm sure it's real.)

Next we went to my house for a tiny little baby party. When we got to the doorstep we discovered THIS!
My visiting teachers made me a cat cake!! It was the highlight of all my birthday dreams and it tasted DELICIOUS. They must have put crack in there because there's no way it was just funfetti. Mmmm.

The next day was Friday and I decided to keep celebrating my birthday. So I went to Red Robin and got free ice cream pie stuff. It was perfect. Friday is also the day my camera arrived!! I got a Nikon d3100 and I'm super pumped about it! So expect way cooler pictures in the future! (Or don't. I might be too lazy to upload real pictures.) Then that night Christy and I party hopped. Overall a great time.

Saturday was St. Patrick's day! We searched the town for Shamrock Shakes, but every single McDonald's south of Denver was out. So. That put a damper on our spirits. We did get to eat green ketchup though. TASTES ALMOST JUST LIKE RED KETCHUP!
If you've seen Troll 2, you'll understand me when I say I felt like I was in Nilbog while eating this stuff. It even made our mouths green.
Other Saturday events included: Getting a manicure from Christy (and playing draw something on Gilbert's iPhone a whole lot, and posing on Christy's bike with her--we're engaged),
Wearing my roommate's hair extensions for 5 minutes,
And going to a show in a bar!! They checked my ID and everything. Plus it was St. Patrick's Day so they had tons of green beers. I said, No thank you please. And drank some of Gilbert's coke out of a Stine instead.
Anyway it was a suuuuper fun weekend. I got a little sick so I'm getting over that, but overall I did a ton of stuff and was totally 21 all weekend. And now I'm at work on Monday wearing a cute ring that I bought for myself.
See?! Christy got a matching one. It's tortoise though.

Well I hope you enjoyed a thousand pictures in this post! I actually did a TON more stuff than I listed here. Like went to lunch with Haley who is getting married and got to see the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing! (Still need to buy my plane ticket for Texas...) Basically I lead a crazy fast paced fun filled life LOL!
But not really. I sat in bed eating crackers for an hour last night. Don't be fooled ;)


Christy Lee said…
Birthday birth day!!! Leapday William!!! Just kidding, your nails look flawless might I even say...PAWLESS??
Natalie said…
I love it. Sounds like the best 21 year old birthday ever. I've never bought a PBR, but it sounds like Kentucky so I love it. It's beer for playing corn hole. You're a corn hole dream.
Brissa said…
that sounds like the best day ever! shopping by myself is one of my favorite things. it's not weird, i promise. and CAT CAKE?!?!?!?!??!
Emily Rigby said…

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