It's almost my birthday!

I'm turning 21 on Thursday y'all. I never thought this day would come. Does this mean I'm an adult for REALZIES now?!? LOL Weird.

Anyway, this is what I want:

To delete my twitter.
To buy maternity jeans with the stretchy waist.
To be skinny and find no use of aforementioned jeans.
To be friends with musicians.
To record a CD.
To own a cat.
To leave town.

I also want a digital SLR camera.
(are you wondering about that one about twitter?)

This is what I looked like last year on my birthday:

Yikes. Soooo much has changed. Here's to being older and wiser eh?

(I'll leave you to keep wondering about the twitter thing.)


Stefunny said…
Haha. Nice. Sounds similar to my wants list except I deleted my Twitter a long time ago.
Emily Rigby said…
I'm torn. Who knows what will become of @theemilyrigby! But I really hope I get them maternity pants...
Natalie said…
hooray for being 21!! See you Thursday for Birthday Party Times!

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