New outfit post!

If I wasn't in school and working right  now I would be able to do lots of things.

Like get my hair trimmed.
Lay out in the sun and become a shade darker than I am now.
Go swimming.
Get shaved ice.
Ride my bike around town.
Read books for fun.
Watch more HIMYM, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Downton etc.
Go to festivals.
Take pictures...

I'm just reminiscing about last summer when I didn't have a care in the world. Where me, Christy, and Haley all went to ihop one day, gorged ourselves, and then fell asleep on the floor of our apartment for about 4 hours with The OC menu screen playing on repeat. THAT, my friends, is the LIFE.

But alas, here I am at work with two textbooks open, trying to catch up on my readings for class. Did you know I go to class every day (M-TH) from 4-6:30? I'm a gentleman and a scholar.

Well, mostly a gentleman.

(That shirt I'm wearing says "Who's your daddy?" w/ Darth Vader. $5. Wal Mart. Men's section.)


Brissa said…
working/schooling summer are the worst.
(don't think i'm a creep, but... are you a telefund caller? that looks like the telefund. i used to work at the telefund. now i'm on the third floor. I PROMISE I'M NOT A CREEP.
and please, ride bikes with me?
Anonymous said…
miss those days. and snocs. snokes? snowcs? and awkward ward/all of it.
Emily Rigby said…
B--No I work at BYU Info! I have a zillion campus phone numbers memorized like some kind of robot. And I have a bike! And it has a basket! So we're all set.


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