Do not be slothful because of the easiness of the way

In Brazil the heat turned our necks green

beneath our steaming necklaces;

mosquitoes drawn to the mossy


Come, we said.

Come feast upon the words of Christ

as they drained our blood.

In Tennessee we swam through the July air

bags strapped to us like anchors

cutting our shoulders with God's books.

It is Easy

to give up all you have

to follow Him

lost in a swampy wood.

In Kentucky cockroaches

lined the walls

like black scales



we said.

Come learn of Him

as we walk among the flames. 

When I returned,

in the Utah sun

I forgot how to pray.

Burning my tongue on American soil

blistering palms 

pieces of silver.

Come, they said

come and be merry.

It is the easy 

the easiness of the way back.


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