bell jar

i finished the bell jar today.
i was kind of proud of myself because i read like 200 pgs in 2 days when i had things going on.
but then i found out my sister reads like 3 novels a week. ha.
but yeah.
it was good. it ended...hopefully. hopely? with hope. the only that it was about sylvia's life. so us readers know esther didn't make it. because sylvia didn't make it.
because sylvia stuck towels under the doors and sealed her children into their sleeping beds and turned on the oven and died.
pretty depressing stuff.
i don't know if i could ever write a book like that. you really do have to have experience to write as a completely crazy person. it's so puzzling. she just snapped. i'd sound like an idiot if i tried to write like a crazy.
it's funny at one part she's questioning her ability to write and says "there was my problem. i had no experience." and from then on is when she goes crazy and everything. pretty ironic how she obtained her experience...
you guys should read it. she's really good at writing. it's not all sad and it's really intriguing. especially since it's the author's life in disguise.

anyway. now i have all those pages of 1984 to read. i'm in utah. it's cold. i'm exhausted. i spent all my money.


Natalie Jane said…
Hey. I found this. This blog of yours. Im glad you came to Utah and read that book. I'm way impressed. I read 0.00 things in high school. I watched the Simpsons episode of Lord of the Flies and had mom write my 10 page paper for me. . . oops. So I'm just trying to make up for it reading all these things out here in college. Even though its frying my brain. . . like an oven. ..

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