Seattle is FULL of trees.
bothell is full of bumps in the road. instead of just painted lines, raised concrete white and yellow rods of death line the roads. but they're spontaneous and that's the worst part. at any given moment the road you're on can go from paint- to rock lines. in the mornings when it's almost six o'clock these bumps always terrify me. i imagine swerving just a titch and thumping into one of those slabs and crashing into a car beside me. it's really scary.

my cat is hanging over me...draped like a scarf or that creepy "muff" i have to wear for the play made out of mink carcuses... half on my shoulder, half on the top of the chair right now and..i think she's falling asleep. she's such a weirdo. the weirdest cat ever. i swear.

anyway. photography class is still proving little success on my part and that's really annoying. but i'd rather take another semester of it than have to take health in january. which i have to do. that stresses me out. thinking about health and p.e. next semester. why can't this school be normal and not require 2134 p.e. classes. why can't the fat heads realize that i took a rigorous health course in 7th and 8th grade and that's all i need.
i'll punch them in the head. i swear.

i'm flying to utah tomorrow.
that makes me nervous.
no clean clothes..not packed..demanding activities after school..have to read my book in less than a week..
rahhhhhhhh i want to punch myself in the face right now.
take me to college. high school be overrrrrrrr.

all i want to do is see nick and norah's endless playlist and sneak taco into the theatre like kirsti taught me. and then snuggle into another cheesy movie afterwards with dru. in ashley's basement though because it's huge and cozy. bleh.


redneckzilla said…
Seriously, come to college. Start a band. All college is is figuring out how good green apple mundet is and watching the daily show at night.
redneckzilla said…
Oh and that blog was "My name is Alex. Look how awesome I am... 9 years ago."

I'm not kidding when I say I was way cooler back then. Mainly because I didn't care about being cool. I only wish I still had that kind of confidence. But, unfortunately and predictably, I don't.
Austin said…
psh, health and pe classes are so ridiculously pointless. just wait, a few more months and you'll be done and off to college, with tons of amazing prints you did in photography.

annnd in college they actually give you tacos when you're going into the movies, its just a thing that goes along with being a college student...they just give you tacos everywhere you go.
Natalie Jane said…
i love you. come out here and play with me all the time. we'll sneak things into everywhere. I'll put a soda in my knee socks for you.

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