you grade grub one more time...

I want to yell swear words right now.
i just checked my grade in "contemporary issues" and i have a B+
there's no reason i shouldn't have an A in there. the only things i've gotten Bs on so far are things that he grades according to his own crazy whims. i hate it. i hate that class. i miss mrs. daniel and her anal grading system and extra credit and perfect teaching skills.
i feel like. my brain will explode if that B shows up on my report card. or what if it goes lower?!

i probably sound like a douche...but. i don't get below A's. i just. don't. it's quite the psychological thing...

i want to cry. i feel like even if i give 150% my best in that class i still won't get an A. and we barely have any grades in.

and now i have to write a stupid summary for some current event that i probably won't ace.

i don't know where to ramble about the things that are really bothering me.
i dunno.
i feel sad. but then i feel whiney once i admit i feel sad.
stupid. plath.
stupid. school.
let's skip tomorrow yes?


Natalie Jane said…
I'm sorry about your class. And the B and the B of a teacher. Get it? I love ya sis. You get an A with me. I'll be your teacher. Current events: Obama. Done. 100% A+. That's what you get in my class. It'll be okay. Breathe. Pray. kiss our cats. Laugh at mom. You are a hundred dollars and I love you. High school sucks but you give it swirlies every day. I know you do.

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