So I may have watched Bride Wars last night after the super bowl.
And maybe it made me cry/want to get married really bad.
And I also have this insatiable thirst for Say Yes to the Dress. Every time it's not on TV I get so disappointed.
Anyway....put all these things together and you get disaster.
I've never really been one to dream up a big fantasy wedding. A lot of girls I know practically have everything planned out in their mind. What dress, what hairdo, what month, what color scheme...
I've never really cared that much.
But lately...
I've been dreaming of expensive gowns and Tiffany's...
All I want to do is go wedding dress and ring shopping! And cake shopping...ha.
Here are some un-realities that have been floating around in my head lately:

Dress #1

It's a lacy flattering dream...And it only costs $1,099...?

Dress #2

Form fitting and original and so pretty. So fluffy I'm gonna die. And only $729

I also dream of wearing the same dress my sister did just because it's so perfect...but I'll try not to let that happen.

And the grand finale:


Haha. haaaaaaa.haha.


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