My brain makes film clips

Sometimes, usually when I'm listening to music on the way to/from school/work, I start to imagine everything that's happening around me as a movie scene. Today, I walked home from my advertising class and the scene that popped into my head, that I was living, was so vivid. So I jotted it down in my phone real quick:

"And I wanted to be on a bike. Riding fast. Really fast. As the sun was about to set and it was just warm enough in February to feel wind in my hair and on my face. And the scene would be shot from all angles as Sufjan Stevens played in the background (specifically Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois). Pinks and light blues and oranges. Close ups. Wide angle shots. I'd get to the bottom of the hill and it would cut to me throwing open a door and finding the man I was hoping to see. Sitting on a maroon couch watching TV in the dark. We stare at each other and..."

That's as far as I got. I got a little thrown off when the song I was listening to changed and when I actually had to walk inside my apartment. After writing this out it kind of reminds me of the beginning scene of Donnie Darko...But whatever.
It's just so weird.
When I have those 'visions'-if you will-I just want so badly to be in the film industry. I want to direct and write and be artsy and just create beautiful things. But then I think of the people that I know that are in the film program...and I feel like there's no way I would survive. For one, I haven't seen 10,000 movies and don't often indulge in international movies/boring artsy ones. For two, I'm not trendy enough. I don't have enough money to shop at urban outfitters/anthropology/thrift stores that charge $60 for somebody's grandma's blazer. NOE. No no no no no. I have enough money to buy clothes that hopefully fit me and look cute. I mean I do try to follow the trends but...come on. There's no way I can keep up with you richies. Thirdly...I just don't have any experience.
But that's the problem I have with every major I'm considering. I get discouraged because I feel inexperienced. DUH THAT'S KIND OF THE POINT! Sigh...

So...I've been considering English with a media arts minor? Something about creative writing...
I'll figure it out guys.
I turn 20 in 15 days.


Emily said…
Emily. Whenever I listen to Concerning the UFO Sighting, I make up movies in my head too...I think that's why we're friends.
Natalie said…
I think we must be friends because you're not majoring in film.
just kidding

But seriously, the people that major in film are SOOOO full of themselves and WERID.
But hey. If you wanted to, you could. You'd just be the one bright light in the dull world that is run film turds.

The point of college is you don't know anything and then they teach you stuff! And then you graduate and then you get experience and watch boring movies and read tons of YA books. :)
Natalie said…
Just major in advertising. I read your other blog. You like it. Just do it.
Emily Rigby said…
Sufjan is just a genius.
Ha Natalie you make the best comments. Okay, either way, I will declare my major soon. I think I'm a little afraid of advertising because you have to apply and you have to move to New York and work 18 hours a day...

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