I have another blog

If you were wondering.


I had to make it for my advertising class.
Which is going pretty well.

I just realized that this semester ends in like...less than two months...and I still need to declare a major...
And that's kind of crazy to me.

Why am I so indecisive? Why do I have my thumb in so many pies? I'm a child. And I turn 20 in 18 days. WHAT? Yeah.


casey j. ross said…
whaaaa? did you know that advertising is my major?

it's the best major.
i happen to love it.

also...yay for 20!!
Emily Rigby said…
I thought that was you! I was confused if you were that or photography. What do you want to do with it when you go into the field? I'm still so indecisive...ha.
casey j. ross said…
well...i'm also doing photography. as a minor-ish. plus a little graphic design.

dream job- work for a magazine doing photography/design.

but...it would also be really cool to work for an ad agency as the creative director.

we'll see what happens :)
it's ok to be a little indecisive. it is a hard decision!

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